Overstanding With a 1Up Vision:
The Critical Thinking Approach to Liberation

First Edition
Copyright © 2015
Saye Menlekeh Taryor
First Printed in the United States of America,
All Rights Reserved
Published by


Kiiton Press
c/o Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.
339 Union Ave
Providence, Rhode Island 02909
Email: yunvakwoi3@yahoo.com
Website: www.kiitonpress.org

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ISBN (10) 0-9-13491- 29-2

ISBN (13) 978-0-913491-29-4

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Overstanding With A 1up Vision: The Critical Thinking Approach to Liberation Copyright © 2015 by Saye M. Taryor and Taryor. All Rights Reserved.


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