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Saye Taryor is a proud promoter for critical thinking education and social entrepreneurship, who strongly advocates that humanity abandons the monetary based economy, and transfers to a resource based economy. With both parents hailing from Liberia, “Saye Menlekeh Lawton Taryor,” his birth name, happens to derive from the Mah people of Liberia West Africa. Saye meaning, “First male child of the mother,” Menlekeh meaning, “nothing is impossible,” and Taryor meaning, “Unfortunate traveler.” Mr. Taryor has embraced his African roots, and joined the fight for human rights, freedom, and liberation for oppressed people around the globe. After graduating from Piney Woods High School, Mr. Taryor attended the University of Southern Mississippi, where he majored in journalism, public speaking, and English. He also attended Georgia State University, where he studied critical thinking, public speaking, and creative writing.

As the founder of 1up Entertainment/Consulting, he has strategically planned and hosted several public awareness events, to promote the importance of critical thinking education and social entrepreneurship. He’s responsible for, “The 1up Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program,” and “The 1up Student Critical Thinking Program.” These workshops and programs are mainly geared towards young men and women between the ages of 12-25, but extend to more mature audiences as well. Mr. Taryor has written many articles for the Atlanta and Baltimore Online Examiner. He currently resides in his birth city of Atlanta, where he advocates the principals of the 1up Movement, while promoting the “1up Help the Homeless Campaign.” Other published works include, “The 2009 1up Entertainment Music Guide and Directory, Vol. 1,” screenplays, “Country Life School,” and “A Fathers Burden,” and the critical thinking workbook, “What Do You Think?”


Overstanding With A 1up Vision: The Critical Thinking Approach to Liberation Copyright © 2015 by Saye M. Taryor and Taryor. All Rights Reserved.


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