Acknowledgements And Dedication

First, I would like to thank my father, Nya Kwiawon Taryor, and my deceased mother, Angelina Cecelia Ledlow Taryor, for bringing me into existence. Dad, thank you for introducing me to this journey called life, and thank you for inspiring me to become an author. There were many before me whom have travelled the train of life, so I would like to just take this time to acknowledge all of my ancestors. Thank all of you in the conscious community who continue to guide me out of ignorance. Shout out to Frederick Ivory, Lakeisha Saxton, and everyone who continues to support the 1up movement. 1up love goes out to everyone who desires for the next generation to move towards a resource based economy, and to those of you whom currently promote critical thinking education and social entrepreneurship to our youth. I would like to thank Sekufele Lewanika, Dr. Jeannette O’Neal Poindexter, John Neal, Lindy Mcleod, Daniel Watkins, and all the Piney Woods School staff and alumni who taught me the principals of the head, heart, and the hands. Thank you for being positive influences in my life. This book is dedicated to the current and future students who will someday attend Piney Woods School.

I dedicate this book to members of the UNIA, and all organizations dedicated to fighting for the human rights and the liberation of oppressed people all over the world. This book is for everyone who represents RBG with respect and dignity. This book is for the people of Liberia. I also would like to thank Makeisha Lewis-Phillips, Jamal Meggett, David, and everyone else who held me down in DC. Salute to my ATL family. To my talented friend, Eshe, keep being positive. Dj Blak Magic, thanks for holding me down during the struggle. Siegfried and Bonnie Guenther … thanks for allowing me in your home, when I didn’t have any other place to go. I also cannot forget my two siblings, Elena Yah-Sene and Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Jr.

I would like to thank my aunt and uncle, Ethel Williams & T Nelson Williams, and my cousin Ulmaria Costa, and her family. Thanks for all of life’s lessons, and thanks for helping me to strive for consciousness and over-standing. I would like to thank Jerry McGee, Bester, Marcus Gibson and the entire west side USM crew, Patrick, Kevin, Laurentz, Umi, Tamu, Joy, Elroy, Lamont, Eric, Charles, Olimatta, Emily, Chris, Bishop, Tanya, and the entire Thompson Family, for sharing your wisdom when I needed it most. I will continue to wish all of you well. I also want to send a special shout out, to Horatio Erick Williams and Brenda Jones. Thank you both for the continuous words of encouragement. I really appreciate the push.

I salute the young comrades, who will someday be the next leaders of our society. This book was especially written for you, as you are the key to a better future. Rest in Freedom; David Green and Yachikia Jones. Last but not least, I sincerely thank Kiiton Press for publishing my book. When my father started this publishing company back in 1980, I never imagined that I would one day be its beneficiary. Now I overstand what my name, “Menlekeh” means. “Nothing is Impossible.”

Saye Menlekeh Taryor, 2015


Overstanding With A 1up Vision: The Critical Thinking Approach to Liberation Copyright © 2015 by Saye M. Taryor and Taryor. All Rights Reserved.


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